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A-1 Bonding Co is dedicated to providing quality bonding services for those facing criminal charges in Corpus Christi, TX. We can handle cases ranging from tickets to felonies and appeals. Our office is the only bonding company located directly across the street from the Nueces County Jail. We walk our bonds to the jail.

We assist our clients in navigating the first steps of the legal systems by providing them with the tools and experience needed to obtain freedom as quickly as possible. The staff at A-1 Bonding are highly trained and have over 100 years in combined industry experience. Let us put our refined skills to work for you!

All clients will receive compassionate, yet firm, care with regards to maintaining compliance with the terms of the bond. We provide means for many of our clients to easily check in weekly without disrupting their schedule, by friending us on Facebook. We are trusted by and work closely with the courts and all law enforcement agencies to guarantee compliance, and will rescind the bond if the stipulations of the agreement have been violated.

We are locally-owned and family-operated for over 35 years. We offer many services such as free warrant checks and information and military discounts. Speak Spanish? Don't worry! We have someone on staff who has the ability to speak Spanish fluently to help you with your needs. Come see us today!

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  • Available 24/7
  • Free Warrant Checks
  • Free Information Provided
  • Se Habla Espanol

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  1. *Military Discounts
  2. *Lowest Rates
  3. *Easy Credit Plans
  4. *Bonds by Phone

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