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Being arrested and charged with a crime can be confusing for many people, especially if it is their first time being involved in the legal system. A-1 Bonding Co of Corpus Christi, TX, is dedicated to helping you gain your freedom so that you can continue your life and adequately prepare your defense before and during the trial. Here are some frequent questions we encounter from our clients: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Bond Premium?
A "premium" is the amount paid to a Bail Bond Company for services rendered on behalf of the defendant. The amount of the premium for misdemeanor bonds is usually a set price, and the premium on felony bonds is normally 10% on the bond amount.

Q. Is the Bond Premium refundable?
No. The premium is to release the defendant from custody. The premium is not refundable once the case has been closed or should the charges be dropped.

Q. What is an Indemnitor and what are the responsibilities?
An "Indemnitor" is a person taking the financial responsibility for the full amount of the bail bond in the event the defendant fails to make his/her court appearance.

Q. What is collateral and when is it needed?
Collateral is money or property that you deposit with the bail bond company to ensure appearance in court. The monies or property are held until the case has been exonerated and all court appearances have been made. Collateral is normally needed when the defendant has a charge from another county other than our immediate surroundings or if the defendant lives outside of our coverage area.

Q. How long does it take to get out of jail once bond is posted?
The paperwork process in our office usually takes less than 10 minutes. Once the bond(s) have been taken to the jail, the process can take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours depending on how busy the jail is. We follow the process to ensure  release in a timely manner.

Q. How long is a bond good for?
A bond is good as long as the court case is pending, provided all bond conditions are met.

Q. Do I have to check in with my bail bond company once I hire an attorney?
Yes, you are required to check in with the bail bond company as directed until your case has been exonerated. The bail bond company is financially responsible for your bail bond, not your attorney.

Once a bail bond has been posted, you must follow the bond conditions in order to remain on bond. Any violations could result in your bond being revoked.

Check-In Agreement:

1. You must check in either by phone or in person every Monday for Felony cases and every Thursday (after 3:00 p.m.) for Misdemeanor cases. If you join our Facebook Page, then you are not required to check in weekly.

2. Any changes made in regards to the information provided by you and your Indemnitor on the application at the time of bail needs to be reported immediately.

3. Court notices and attorney information must be provided to us in a timely manor.

4. After each and every scheduled court appearance, you must either call or come by the office to give your case status.

5. It is your responsibility to notify our office should you get arrested for anything other than a traffic violation. 

Bail Terms and Conditions:

It is understood and agreed that the occurrence of any one of the following events shall constitute as a breach of the defendant's obligations to A-1 Bonding.  Hereunder, I, A-1 Bonding, shall have the right to forthwith apprehend, arrest, and surrender defendant. Defendant shall have no right to any refund or premium whatsoever. Said events shall constitute as a breach of defendant's obligations:

1. If the defendant departs the jurisdiction of the Court without prior written consent by the Court and A-1 Bonding, or moves from one address to another without prior notice.

2. If the defendant commits any act which constitutes as reasonable evidence of defendant's intention to cause forfeiture on said bond; or shall make material false statements on the application.

3. If the defendant is arrested for any offense other than a minor traffic violation.

Staying informed of your case is vital for maintaining compliance with the terms of your bond. Stay in touch with the relevant government agencies handling your case.

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